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Because GLOWcircle is a closed list, we would like the opportunity to verify each subscriber to the list. We  want the list to be provide a safe environment for subscribers, and for that reason we want to make sure that you will fit into this list and that you are who you say you are.

You may answer as much or as little as you like, but if you tell us very little to share with the list, it will make it difficult for list members to respond to you. So we hope that you will feel free to share enough so that we have some idea of who you are and list members will feel free to share with you. 

Subscriber Information

All the information in the "confidential" section below will be kept in confidence by the list owners.

Confidential Information for List Owner

Full real name:
Main/usual email address:
Full postal address:
Phone number:
Any answers to questions below which you would like to be kept confidential:

Suggested Information for Publication on GLOWcircle

Note: You don't have to fill in all the information below, but it would be helpful to give other subscribers an idea of who you are -- even if you use a pseudonym. You may may include most of  the requested information in paragraph form in the "A little about me" section" instead of filling it out in point form.  

Name on the list (real or pseudonym):
Gender: Male Female
How do you identify yourself in relationship to the GLBT person in your life?
Parent Relative Child Sibling Friend
Email address used for this list:
(This will become visible if/when you post to the list.)
City and state:
Spiritual background/current church membership status:
How did you find out about GLOWcircle?
If you used a search engine, for instance, tell us which search engine and what search terms you used.
How "closeted" or "out" are you or the gay/lesbian person in your life?
A little about me:

(Please include information we may send to list members when introducing you. You may want to share why you are interested in this list. Your understanding of sexual ethics would also be good to include here.)

We look forward to hearing from you and adding you to our GLOWcircle list. :-)

Inge Anderson
List owner

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