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In 1976, while my husband and I were missionaries and living in another country, my husband was exposed as a homosexual. I knew he had this problem as a teen, but when he was converted his whole life changed, and apparently he did well for a number of years.

This exposure was a devastating time for me as we had to leave the mission field and come back to Canada. Martin lost his ministry papers and the missions director never once called to see how we were doing.

My faith in God was strong and I received a promise from God in Psalms 91:14-16 and I tried to trust in Him. I did not see a change in my husband. But since he would not open up to me, I had no idea what was happening, so I began to fast and pray and after five days of fasting, God revealed to me that He was in charge and would take care of the problem. Believe me, this did not happen immediately, but the answer came many years later.

Martin's homosexual lifestyle continued for ten years and he was eventually taken to court after being caught in the act in a bathroom. Now he began to seek help from a Christian psychologist and he had to tell me what happened. He almost lost his job as his supervisor did not want him back at all. This was so devastating to both of us but God did not let go of him. Many times I was tempted to leave. Our kids were out of the home but my thought was, if I leave him, he likely will go deeper into this lifestyle and be lost in sin.

We continued to pray and after moving to a bigger city an HA group was opened and my husband started to attend. He still had some falling back but since about 1987, with God's help, he is free.

He is now re-instated with ministerial credentials and loves God with all his heart.

Friend, if you are in this situation, please get your husband involved in a program that will help him. Fast and pray. God will deliver. This a terrible time for you, but God is faithful, so continue to trust Him.

Also find a prayer partner, one that you can trust and just pray together. If you want to contact me, you can do it through the link in the left margin.

* a pseudonym


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14 Sep 2009 10:01 AM