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GLOWFriends Email Community

This community consists of Christians who have a primary attraction to their own sex but believe that sexual activity is to be confined to heterosexual marriage. Subscribers support and encourage each other in sexual chastity, whether single or heterosexually marred. They may or may not identify as gay or lesbian. While these lists are not meant to be a forum to discuss whether or not gay sex is appropriate, it being generally assumed that it is not, honest questions regarding biblical principles are welcome.

Subscribers come from a variety of Christian backgrounds and include some gay-friendly straight people as well as a some gay or lesbian persons who are not convinced that gay sex is wrong. Most subscribers are single, and some are married, being the gay partners in a gay-straight marriage. Mutual respect is upheld, and Posting Guide Lines are the same for all lists.

Lists are administered by Inge Anderson and moderated by several members of each community. The main list is GLOWfriends, with a subsidiary list for women, GLOWwomyn, moderated by Inge and other members of the list.

GLOWfriends is a wonderfully diverse cyber community, with Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, charismatic Christians, Seventh-day Adventists and even some non-Christians all on the same list. The focus of the list tends to be quite spiritual, with subscribers encouraging each other in a relationship with Christ. Since such a relationship suffuses all of life, the range of subjects is as wide as life itself -- as long as the tone and content contributes to the overall focus of the list. Non-Christians are welcome as long as they realize that this is primarily a Christian list and respect our Posting Guide Lines.

For Seventh-day Adventists, there is the light-traffic GLAdventist sub-list for discussion of specifically Adventist concerns. Click here for details. (We'll subscribe you to that list if you let us know that you have some Adventist background.)

You may apply  to GLOWfriends and any applicable sub-list by clicking on the YahooGroups icon at the bottom of this page, and you will receive an email asking you for further info. Or you may skip that step and simply click on the Subscription Form link at the bottom of the page and fill it out. Your subscription to the list will be activated as soon as we are assured that you will fit into our email community. Please do read our Dreams And Convictions statement before subscribing.

Dreams and Convictions

  1. As a group of Christians we subscribe to the Apostles' Creed and recognize that our salvation is only in Christ.

  2. God has shown unconditional love to us long before we responded to Him. God does not abandon us when we sin, but He raises us up again. 

  3. We want this to be a community where members can share even very personal things -- joys, sorrows, pain, victories and defeats -- without fear of being judged or receiving unsolicited criticism. 

  4. We understand that same-gender attractions (which are generally considered homosexual) are real and not just a chosen behavior. They are an integral part of an individual and morally neutral. 

  5. We believe that God designed sex to be a component of the life-long bond between one man and one woman. Thus the main thrust of this mailing list is the support of gay and lesbian persons but not of gay sexual activity. However, we deplore the attitude that gay sexual activity is somehow worse than heterosexual activity outside of the covenantal bond of marriage.

  6. God alone is competent to judge the heart of another. Thus persons involved in sin of any sort should not meet with condemnation, but with love and compassion, as it is only thus that anyone can begin to understand the unconditional love of the Savior -- the only One that can meet the love-hunger of the soul.

  7. We believe that witnessing to what God has done in our own lives is God's chosen method of proclaiming the Good News -- as incorporated in our name: God's Love - Our Witness. Preaching and proclamation is secondary and is not the focus of this list.

  8. It is our dream that subscribers will find such loving support in this list that they will be freed to grow into their God-given potential in Christ. We hope that the atmosphere on this list will facilitate "bearing one another's burdens," encouraging one another and lifting each other up in prayer. 

  9. We also dare to dream that the support of this list may give some subscribers the courage to be "out" to their fellow church members in such a manner as to gain their understanding and respect. This would fulfill our dream that there would be role models for our young people to follow when they discover that they, too, have same-gender erotic attractions.

  10. While this mailing list is mainly meant to support individuals who are convinced of the biblical ideal of sex being reserved for heterosexual marriage, it is open to those who are not thus convinced, providing they won't be offended by testimonies of those who are and will be respectful of their views. IOW, we don't expect subscribers to this list to post messages in support of gay sexual activity of any kind -- even in a monogamous union.

Yours in His love, 
 Inge Anderson, List Owner,
and the moderator team.

Last modified 16 Mar 2010 04:16 PM