Should Homosexuals be Allowed in Church?

by Maurice  Ashton


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A reader commented,

There can be no toleration of homosexuality in the church. Condemnation of homosexuality is throughout the bible and must be overcome just like any other sin.

For the record, I'm straight, married with two adult kids, and have lived long enough in Australia to call myself Australian (I'm a New Zealander, actually).

Maybe we can add to the "no toleration" list -- the proud, the ice cream eaters, the selfish, the ear-ring wearers, the novel readers, the cinema attendees, the non-studiers of the Scriptures, the donors of less than $5 to the offering, the introverts, the extroverts, and anybody else that has been missed as well. Come to think of it, church is a pretty lonely place. Don't tell me I'm the only one who's perfect!

I want my church to be as full of faltering, struggling sinners with a deep love for Jesus and a desire to help one another. The judgment scene shown in the Gospels shows people being judged about giving cups of cold water, visiting the sick and imprisoned, helping the poor and so on. Too many of us are good at stating what the problems are; very few of us try to solve them


Sometimes we pray for the mountain to be moved, when God has given us a good pair of hiking boots and a stout walking stick to walk to the summit and enjoy the view.  





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