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Just Because... by Steve
Gay Sons by Benjamin Anderson
Jesus and Porn  by Jeff*
Beauty Under Construction  by Maurice Ashton
Is Homosexuality a Choice? by Maurice Ashton
The Love of My Life by Dorian* 
Can a Bisexual Life Be Fulfilling? by Cliff* 
Change Takes Time by John Nelson
Should Homosexuals be Allowed in Church? by Maurice Ashton
Why God, Why? by Jan*  
Changing Orientation Can be Complicated by Michael Harris*  
What about Tension? by Ted*  
Coming Out, Suicidal Thoughts and Denial by Michael *  [back to TOP]


Down the Dark Road  by JB
The Cross by Jeff* 
The Father's Suffering by Eugene* 
Lonely. . .  by Jeff*   [back to TOP]


Our Childhood Toys   by List Contributors 
Masturbation?   by List Contributors
Men's Talk   by List Contributors 
Nuggets of Cheer   by John Nelson   [back to TOP]

* In order to protect the privacy of our contributors, most names are pseudonyms, except where otherwise stated.

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