Just Because...  

by Steve 


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I sit here writing this email with sun streaming in the window. After watching another beautiful sunrise and thinking about all the things God has to control over each day I then realize He still has time for me. Time for me to know how beautiful He is. I can imagine Him sitting there gazing at me with love. As the sun hits my face and shines bright I'm filled with emotion that He loves me. Just because it's me. And you know what? That same love was there before I was born. While I was living in sin. That same sun shone down on me. I just never noticed it before. I want to praise Him for loving me. Just because. Not because I love Him. Not because I've done anything for Him. Just because!!!!  
I also thank Him for this group and how He's working with all the members on here. It's amazing to see people go from bitter to God filled. I've been there. We all have. I'm glad we can all come to a place and say how we feel and not offend others even if we have differing views. God is so good!! Wow!!!


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