Can a Bisexual Life be Fulfilling?

by Cliff*


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A List member asked,
A gay friend told me he thought it was more difficult for bisexuals than for homosexuals because whichever way they went, part of themselves was unfulfilled. Does that observation ring true in your experience?

Cliff replied:

          At one level, yes it is certainly true. In any sexual relationship I suppose there is something missing for those who lean both ways. But I have always felt that in order to enjoy  life we should make the most of what we have rather than spoiling it by yearning for what we don't have, and I have been so blessed in having a wonderfully happy marriage that it would be folly to spoil it by seeking what can't be. It isn't always easy, but it leads to a happier life in the long term. I suspect it applies to more or less all of life. The people who are never satisfied with what they have may have more possessions than the rest of us, but I'm sure they can never really enjoy what they do have because there is always somebody else with more.

          In any case, sex is only a part of a relationship -- an important part, but not the most important, or so I believe. Love and respect for one another under God are the foundations of a good  relationship.  


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