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Down the Dark Road

by JB  1993

Drugs and sex and rock n' roll with  lots of alcohol thrown in.
Lyin', cussin' and fightin' -- that's the way my life has been...
Walkin' down the dark road.

A good wife home alone sobbing in our bed.
Her husband on the street and not with her instead...
Slippin' down the dark road.

A little bag of crystal meth and some reefer in my hand,
Lyin' lonely on a beach, cryin' in the sand...
Speedin' down the dark road.

I'm sad and  lonely, sheddin' tears, my mind now not so quick.
Satan's fog is in my head, so dead cold and evil and thick...
Nothin' but fear and death Bro',
Racin' down the dark road.

I've lost a job and lost a house and lost my beautiful wife too.
I was fixin' to lose my soul till "HALLELUJAH!!!" Jesus' love came thru...
A light shinin' down the dark road.

He held down his hand to me, this man from Calvary.
He picked me up and cleaned me off, then said, "Jeff follow me..."
No more goin' down the dark road.

I had such a heavy burden and more guilt than I could bear.
But Jesus took it all away just because he cares...
Even on the dark road.

He's done an awful lot for me; I ride now for a different brand.
And I'm mighty proud to say out loud that "JESUS IS MY FRIEND!"
A victory's been won...
On the dark road.

(written to honor my friend...and to say thank you...jbg)

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