The Father's Suffering 

by Eugene Jensen  


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Father, You could put an end to all suffering. 
      Father, You could put an end to all pain. 
For six-thousand long years You have suffered. 
      And the troubles keep falling like rain. 
But, You would have to kill all the sinners, 
      Everyone who's not made up his mind. 
And Lord, You are too full of mercy. 
      You are so everlastingly kind.  

               You are bringing this world to a crisis. 
                     Every person on this earth will decide 
               To accept of Your precious salvation, 
                     Or to cling to their habits and pride. 
               You are longing for a great demonstration 
                     Of  Your love so that all men can see, 
              That they really can be like Jesus. 
                    They can break off their chains and be free.  

You have called on many martyrs to suffer. 
      And for every one of us there's a cross. 
We have blessings for which we can praise You, 
      But, we also have heartache and loss.  
From the cross there shines the glory of Heaven. 
      That's the reason You gave one to me. 
Oh imagine, my brothers and sisters 
      What a privilege that your cross can be. 

              Come and yield your mind and soul to the Potter 
                    And give over to the Lord all your plans, 
              For the One who was hung there at Calvary 
                    Has the very most trustworthy hands. 
              To the vessel, it may be bewildering 
                    While the process is still going on. 
              You'll rejoice when He shows you the reason, 
                     When it's finished and the victory is won.  

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