What About tension?

by Ted Drummond*


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A GLOWfriends member commented,
Coming Out" can be fraught with tension and nail-biting times. We do live in a very homophobic world.

Ted replied:

           God has placed a heavy privilege on you that He rarely gives to many of us. Most SGA folks are either totally "in" or totally "out." As human beings we don't like tension, and we think if we just go one way or the other it will care for the tension.

           We find out, at the end of the road, that the tension was our attachment to Christ. If we are following close to Him, like a rubber band, we don't feel tension, just His love and attention. But if we start to lag behind, do stuff to fulfill lust or flesh, focus on the world around us, that rubber band stretches tighter and tighter! If we stray too far finally Christ pulls us back and Blam! we smack ourselves up beside Him. He loves us so much, He won't let go, but we bring grief on ourselves thinking that He doesn't understand our needs!  

Ted Drummond is a pseudonym is story is found in But God!


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