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Each of our lists is aimed at a particular need, and we hope that each list will foster a closer relationship with our infinitely loving Creator and Savior. We encourage a non-judgmental attitude on all lists because we recognize that God's relationship with each of His children is unique, and it is only in that relationship that we find salvation. Submissions to all  lists are screened to ensure that the list environment reflects our philosophy even when potentially divisive topics are discussed. We believe that the very best service we can do for each other in the context of an email list is to witness to God's love in our own experience -- God's Love - Our Witness.

GLOW lists are not meant to be discussion lists so much as places to share and support each other in life's journey. They are not primarily intended to be fora for debating the ethics of intimate behavior or the politics of sex. On the other hand, if you are trying to figure out what the Bible is really saying on these issues, you are certainly welcome to bring your questions to us. We do reserve the right to limit the number of such questions in a given period of time in order to preserve the supportive atmosphere of our lists.

GLOWfriends Email community designed for Christians who have a primary attraction to their own gender whether or not they identify as gay or lesbian but believe that ethical sexual activity is to be confined to heterosexual marriage. Coming from a variety of Christian backgrounds, subscribers support each other in celibacy or heterosexual marriage. Lists include a general list, GLOWfriends, and gender-specific lists, GLOWguys and GLOWwomyn, as well as GLADventist (for Seventh-day Adventists). Click here for GLOWFriends Details.

GLOWcircle Email community for Christian Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. Members seek to understand their homosexual friends or family and believe that sexual activity is to be confined to heterosexual marriage. Click here for Details.

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