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Biblical Perspectives on Homosexuality 
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Pastoral Perspectives

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Sins of Sodom by Inge Anderson
Who's right in identifying these -- conservative Christians or gay theologians? Or is it neither?
Overcoming Prejudice Against Homosexuals
by Christopher Blake is recommended reading for heterosexuals.
The Two Debtors
Which kind of debtor are you?
By Inge Anderson
Calling Sin by Its Right Name by Inge Anderson
Do we know how to do it biblically?
What is an Abomination to God? 
It may not be what you think. Find out what the Bible really says about "abominations."
By Inge Anderson
Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin?
Do we know how to apply this oft-repeated principle in a biblical manner?
By Inge Anderson
Counsel to the Christian Daughter of a Gay Dad
A daughter's question crystallizes the conservative Christian's dilemma in relating to the homosexuality of loved ones. By Inge Anderson

Hope for Gay People

Gay Christian -- An Oxymoron? 
Does Jesus recognize homosexually oriented persons as His followers? By Inge Anderson
How Many Dollars Have You Sinned?
Does the story of Mary and Simon have something to say to us? By Ralph Seland
Do You Feel Forgiven?
Thought-provoking article about suicidal despair,  false guilt, real guilt and forgiveness..
By Ralph Seland
Suicide --Afraid to Ask?
For someone you know, this article could mean the difference between life and death. By Ralph Seland.
Is Suicide an Option?
Some questions to ask. By Ralph Seland.
Fear Has a Passkey
But Jesus says, "Fear not."
By Ralph Seland.

About Sexual Orientation

How Do People Become Gay?
Is a homosexual orientation the result of choices in life?  By Inge Anderson
If Opposites Attract, Why Same-Sex Attraction
Tim Wilkins addresses this conundrum. (Off-site, opens in new window)
Somewhere in the Middle
Are you there? By Ralph Seland.
Change Ministries 
by Inge Anderson
Should Christian gay people be encouraged to change their sexual orientation?
Change Ministries Revisited
Should homosexuals become heterosexuals? Or are other changes more important?
What About Gays' Need to Change? It May Not Be What You Think
A thought-provoking article by Tim Wilkins (Off-site, opens in new window)

Articles in Ministry, the journal of the Seventh-day Adventist Ministerial Association. (all links are off-site)

July 1996 Issue:

Dealing with Aids
by Bruce Moyer
AIDS: Fear and Compassion
by Harvey A. Elder, M.D.
AIDS and the Church in Africa
by Saleem A. Farag and Joel N. Musvosvi
AIDS: Wrestling With Fear and Grief
by Millie White
The Crisis of Suicide  
by Vern R. Andress
November 1996 Issue:
First Glance
introductory article by J. D Eva
A Homosexual in My Congregation?
by Kate McLaughlin
Christians and the Homosexual
by J. Grant. Swank Jr.
Do You Pray for Gays?  
by Julia Vernon
Compassion - An Alternative Lifestyle
by John C. Cress
Homosexuality: Establishing a Christian Backdrop for Pastoral Care  
by Thomas E. Schmidt
A Cry from the Valley of Death
by Bruce Moyer
Caring in the Age of Aids
by James A. Cress
What Your 1st Question Says About You
When helping people who hurt, homosexual or otherwise, our questions reveal a lot about what we consider important... more
Redeeming Our Sad Gay Situation

Christopher Blake, former editor of Insight, a Seventh-day Adventist magazine for youth, wrote this well-researched article in December 1992.  We feel it is still relevant today. Because of its length, the article is supplied in several parts. Click here for the first part. For a printer-friendly version (all one long file), click here. (all off-site in new window)

What Would Jesus Say to Homosexuals?
Seventh-day Adventist Pastor John McLarty explores this searching question. (off-site in new window)
What the Incarnation Teaches Us About Reaching the Homosexual
John the Apostle wrote "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.".. more
Preaching on Homosexuality
Several years ago I spoke to 1,400 church-goers representing more than two dozen churches. Filling an auditorium to capacity and spilling into an overflow area ... more
Why Can't I Tell You?
My son is gay. There, I’ve said it.... more
Support for gay Adventists, homosexual, married men and women, gay and lesbian celibate Seventh-day Adventist Christians, gay and lesbian 7th day Adventists, as well as bisexual or bi-sexual Adventist Christians and lesbi-gay Christians. Encouragement and support for celibate gay and lesbian Christian SDAs who uphold chastity in celibacy. The love of God is the best remedy for homosexuality. Jesus loves  gays and lesbians!