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The best way to understand homosexuality is to encounter it in close friend or family members and spend time listening as they share their journey. But since this is not always possible, these real-life stories, written by men and women who have experienced the confusion, the pain, the struggles that are common to a sizable minority of our fellow church members, will provide a beginning.

Some of these stories were written specifically to help heterosexual persons understand the homosexual experience, and in trying to help them understand life from a homosexual perspective, the authors have focused particularly on those issues in their lives that set them apart. Yet most of these men and women are otherwise indistinguishable from their heterosexual peers.

Stories from GLOWFriends subscribers 
or those who think like them:

Out of the Pit,
by Jeff Yarborough*
End of the Rainbow
by Benjamin Anderson
God Used a Loving Church to Bring Us Back  
by Howard Holtz
Two men in a gay relationship came back to the Lord together.
I Waited Patiently
by John R. Waldren
As a former friar, John writes from a committed Catholic perspective.
Reluctant Homosexual, Forgiving Marriage  
by Norman Brown*
Sometimes God works miracles to enable a homosexually oriented man to have a satisfying marriage, even though it doesn't make him "straight."
Homosexuality, Politics, and My Gay Experience
by John Edwards*
Grace and Mercy
by John Nelson
But God!
by Ted Drummond*
A Matter of Choices: A Lesbian Experience
by Imani* (new window)
By God's Grace Plus Nothing  
by Audrey Dorsch*
Jesus Cares for Lonely Bears
by Eugene Jensen* (new window)
by an Anonymous Lesbian

* Pseudonyms are used by these writers for reasons that
are probably evident to the reader

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