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Inge's Inklings

Counsel to the Christian Daughter of a Gay Dad

The Two Debtors

How Do People Become Gay?

Gay Christian -- An Oxymoron?

Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin?

Homosexual Lifestyle?

Calling Sin by Its Right Name

I'm a Gay Christian -- What Are My Options?

What is an Abomination to God?

Sins of Sodom

Change Ministries

Change Ministries Revisited

Did God Make Me Gay?

On Being Right - Is It a Ticket to Heaven?

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Support for Adventist Christian homosexual, married men and women, gay and lesbian celibate Seventh-day Adventist Christians, gay and lesbian homosexual Christian 7th day Adventists, as well as bisexual or bi-sexual Christians and lesbi-gay Christians. Encouragement and support for celibate gay and lesbian Christian SDAs who uphold chastity in celibacy. Support for gay-straight marriage. The love of God is the best remedy for homosexuality. Jesus loves gays and lesbians!