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These links are provided as a starting point for your own research into the issues surrounding homosexuality. The presence of a link on this page does not constitute an endorsement on our part. Following links from the sites below will put you in touch with most of the gay Christian sites on the internet on both sides of the issue. God has promised wisdom if we but ask Him, and much wisdom is needed as we search for Christian answers.
Bridges-Across the Divide
Bridges-Across the Divide is a cyberspace initiative for building respectful relationships across the divide between those who disagree about sexual orientation and gender identity. Side B believes that engaging in homosexual sex is morally wrong; side A believes that sex is to be enjoyed as part of intimate relationships between gay people. This is an excellent site for information on both sides of the issue. Readings offers articles, speeches, sermons, and poetry. Faith includes essays and debates on the biblical texts. The two Science pages cover research on the biology and psychology of homosexuality. Be sure to check out the BA-JOURNEYS page which has intros of principal contributors to the initiative.
New Direction
This is an online resource of the Canadian New Direction ministry. It confronts such questions as "I've prayed and prayed and asked God to change me, but nothing's happened . . . Why not?" Answers to common questions, review of research, stories of change. This ministry appears to be closest to the GLOW philosophy, after having distanced itself from Exodus.
Christianity and Homosexuality
A comprehensive resource from the evangelical Christian viewpoint. On this page you will find links to research data, essays on the ethics of sex and change ministries. This site is part of the Exodus initiative and has links to personal testimonies.
Articles and links are heavily biased in favor of change ministries. While many of these ministries can be helpful, most do not acknowledge a biological basis for homosexuality, which tends to be defined as a set of behaviors. That's why we recommend a healthy skepticism in the investigation of such ministries.
Justice and Respect
Sonia Balcer writes  that "countless lives are driven to 'critical mass' because the only messages about 'gay' seem to focus on sexual behaviour rather than the need for all persons -- regardless of sexual attractions and history -- to seek and trust Christ.
"This website exists to inspire an alternative response -- one which is true both to conservative religious convictions regarding sexual morality, and which is genuinely respectful towards persons whose convictions differ from traditional understandings -- upholding both righteousness and justice, and humbly extending genuine respect: wholehearted love unmarred by fear."
Justin's World
A gay Christian college student talks about being gay and Christian. He tells his own story, how he came to call himself gay, discusses change ministries, whether Christians are gullible, the origins of homosexuality, and answers objections. An insightful site well worth a visit.
Mel White's Justice Net
Mel White, author of Stranger at the Gate - To Be Gay and Christian in America, was once the ghost writer for such leaders of the Religious Right as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Currently a prominent gay activist, he is also the Minister of Justice for UFMCC (the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches), a church founded by a gay minister for gay people. White's articles are thought-provoking, and conservative Christians could well learn lessons from his "Soul Force Principle" teachings. Links cover pro-gay interpretations of Scripture which teach that the Bible nowhere condemns same-gender sexual activity. (Keep scrolling on Mel White's page, as some really helpful links are several screens down.)
This link will open a new window with a list of specifically Seventh-day Adventist web resources -- both those in harmony with GLOW principles and those not.