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When lesbians and gays "come out" of their "closets" to their friends and family, these have their own crises of faith to deal with. We share some of these stories below. As you see, this is just a beginning and most of these stories are from other Christians. We invite you to share your own stories so we can publish them here. The stories will open in a new window on your computer.

Parents with Gay Children

Why Can't I Tell You?
My son is gay. There, I’ve said it.... more
My Son, Beloved Stranger ("Danny's Story" in the navigation bar at the left)
Complete online book written by Carrol Gray under the pseudonym of Kate McLaughlin in 1995. In it she shares her emotional and spiritual journey after her son told his parents about his homosexuality.
When Your Child Doesn't Choose Your Lifestyle
Carrol Grady's article first published in Women of  Spirit, also in 1995.
Why Can't I Tell You?
My son is gay. There, I’ve said it. Written it, to be more exact, which is easier than speaking the words out loud. Why can’t I tell you?..Read more
"Mom, I have AIDS"
A mother shares how her son's struggle with AIDS changed her life. An inspiring testimony (on Exodus site).
Are Homosexuals God's Children?
Carrol Grady in an article published in 1997.
A Different Kind of Death
Gloria Zwinggi shares how the revelation of her son's homosexuality caused "a different kind of death" in her life (on Exodus site).

Children with Gay Parents

Counsel to the Christian Daughter of a Gay Dad
Inge Anderson responds to a young woman who writes to us, wondering how to relate to her gay father after becoming a Christian.
A Son's Journey
Nathan Bell shares the conflict caused by his father's gayness. After reacting in judgment and condemnation, he was confronted by a mentor who asked him what kept him faithful to God. Realizing that it was God's unconditional love that drew him, he was convicted of his un-Christ-like behavior towards his dad (on Exodus site).

Gay Spouses

A Resurrected Marriage
Tye and Nancy Gamey share the struggles in their marriage caused by Tye's homosexuality (on Exodus site).
As a Wife Sees It
Ann, wife of Pastor Martin, the subject of the story By God's Grace Plus Nothing, shares her story.